Experiential Education

We are translating the knowledge generated through research and extension into high-quality, experiential educational programs that will teach, train, and inspire the next generation of leaders engaged in sustainable water reuse on food crops.


73 CONSERVE Scholars from 7 different institutions supported by CONSERVE funds and working toward CONSERVE goals:

  • 35 graduate students

  • 7post-doctoral fellows

  • 11 technical staff

  • 20 undergraduate summer interns

Educating America’s Youth

We are creating innovative and interactive learning-based modules to share our results with teachers and students across the country. These modules will be shared as free, open educational resources and tailored for various age ranges so that students from K-12 and beyond can explore the topic of water reuse.

Inspiring a New generation of Scientists

The key to developing human capital and increasing workforce diversity in agricultural disciplines is training a diverse group of future leaders, educated not only in sustainable water reuse but also in systems-based thinking. We are training and preparing our CONSERVE Scholars, including college and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and technical staff, not only in the rigors of scientific research, but also policy development, economics, communications, and education.