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Learn about the power of an alternative water resource, rainwater collected from a rooftop, to provide plentiful, fresh produce for needy members of a Maryland town. Find out how CONSERVE is helping Hood College and the Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs research and confirm the quality of this water source.
Farmers need clean water to grow crops that are safe for human consumption. But what happens when the freshwater sources farmers rely on become stressed or unavailable? Learn about an innovative partnership that harnesses water reuse to safely and sustainably grow crops on one Maryland farm.

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Water is the basis of all life on Earth. Treating and managing water in a sustainable and integrated way helps maintain water quantity and quality for a variety of uses, including agriculture.

Less than 1% of the world's water is fresh water that we can easily use. To help farmers produce food for growing populations, scientists are working on new techniques for water reuse and exploring nontraditional irrigation water sources.

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One Water: an Interactive Graphic

Did you know that all the water on the earth is the only water we will ever have? Check out this interactive graphic from Clean Water Services to learn about the concept of 'one water' and to learn about the concept of 'one water’ and why water reuse is important

Water Reuse Glossary


Gray water vs Wastewater? Reused vs. Recycled water? Are you confused by all the different terms? Get it all straight with this glossary of terms most commonly used in water recycling and water reuse.