CONSERVE has established robust, state-of-the-art core resources to coordinate efforts throughout the team as well as to interface with new and potential collaborators.

Data Core

  • Provides data management support
  • Produces highest quality data
  • Applies state-of-the-art data analyses and statistical expertise


Mihai Pop (University of Maryland College Park), Core Director
Chengsheng Jiang (University of Maryland College Park)
Todd Treangen (University of Maryland College Park)

Lab Core

  • Coordinates chain-of-custody sample storage and analysis
  • Conducts state-of-the-art analyses on samples

Core Team:

Amir Sapkota (University of Maryland College Park), Core Director
Amy Sapkota (University of Maryland College Park)
Rita Colwell, Collaborator (CosmosID)
Nur Hasan, Collaborator (Cosmos ID)
Emmanuel Mongodin, Collaborator (University of Maryland, Baltimore)