Research Overview

CONSERVE is investigating new sources of safe and sustainable irrigation water. To do this, our comprehensive team of researchers and educators  collaborate across disciplines, schools, and state boundaries with the mission of creating transformative, on-farm water treatment solutions that enable the safe use of non-traditional irrigation water sources on food crops. See our new term sheet that combines definitions from U.S. federal agencies and national organizations related to water used in agriculture.


Nontraditional Irrigation Water Sources

Evaluate the availability (quantity and quality) of nontraditional irrigation water sources that can be used to conserve groundwater.


Societal Context

Identify the social, behavioral, economic and regulatory factors that impact the current use of nontraditional irrigation water sources and might impact the integration of new on-farm water treatment technologies developed to treat these sources


Next-Generation On-farm Technologies

Develop, implement and evaluate the effectiveness and sustainability of next-generation on-farm water treatment technologies that can improve the chemical, microbial and physical quality of nontraditional irrigation water sources and food crops