From Our Labs to Your Life

Our research is not just for scientists. We want to provide farmers with transformative technology that will allow them to sustainably grow their produce and conserve their ever important water sources. We want to give consumers the most up-to-date information about agricultural water reuse. And, we want to help build a corps of young scientists who understand the importance of working across disciplines to find innovative solutions to the growing challenges of climate change and water scarcity.  As our researchers complete their studies, our team of educators will be mobilizing on the ground to bring the most current information and products to growers, teachers, students, and community groups. We are still in the early stages, so if you want us to let you know when our products and events are available, leave us a note.


Minimizing risks for Producers & consumers

We will produce high-quality programs that empower growers to make educated decisions about the use of nontraditional irrigation water sources while maintaining food safety.  We will also develop user-friendly, science-based educational products to demonstrate the potential benefits associated with these water sources as well as associated risks. 


Educating America's youth

We will create innovative and interactive learning-based modules to share our results with teachers and students across the country.  These modules will be shared as free, open educational resources and tailored for various age ranges so that students from K-12 and beyond can explore the topic of water reuse.


Inspiring a New generation of Scientists

We will train and prepare college and graduate students not only in the rigors of scientific research, but also policy development, economics, communications, and education. The key to developing human capital and increasing workforce diversity in agricultural disciplines is training a diverse group of future leaders, educated not only in sustainable water reuse but also in systems-based thinking.