What IS Extension, anyway?

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Cooperative Extension Services, as part of the more than the 100 land-grant universities, engage in more than just research and teaching. There is an additional responsibility of taking that research and disseminating it to agricultural industries, small businesses, and local communities to improve lives.

Extension turns research into action by taking knowledge gained through scientific research, education, and practical use, and brings it directly to communities. By providing non-formal education and hands on learning activities to farmers, rural communities, and urban areas, positive changes within communities are made.

Research is vital to the progress, growth, and sustainability of our communities.
Extension is vital in ensuring this research makes it to the communities that need it most.


Within CONSERVE, there are two Cooperative Extension Teams: The University of Maryland in the Mid-Atlantic and the University of Arizona in the Southwest. As a team, they work together to understand current perceptions on the use of nontraditional water used in agriculture, determine gaps in knowledge related to water reuse and water recycling, and develop tools for the successful implementation of nontraditional water sources in agriculture. 




Mid Atlantic Extension Team, University of Maryland



The Southwest Extension Team, University of Arizona           Maricopa Agricultural center

Dr. Channah Rock
Associate Professor
Water Quality &
Extension Specialist

Jessica L. Dery
Assistant in Extension
Water Quality & Food Safety

Natalie Brassill, MS
Assistant in Extension
Water Quality & Environmental