CONSERVE’s Mid-Atlantic Sampling efforts

Sampling efforts for CONSERVE’s Mid-Atlantic team have begun! In mid-September, we packed up our water pumps and rubber boots and piled into vans for our first sampling trip. We collected water samples from rivers, ponds, and wastewater treatment facilities. Several labs from the CONSERVE team spent the rest of the week processing samples, examining the microbiological, chemical, and physical quality of these diverse water sources. The hard work and planning of the CONSERVE team paid off, and our first sampling and processing days went smoothly. 

Last week, 3 vans full of CONSERVE scientists from 4 different research groups went back out to the Maryland sites with updated protocols and optimized sampling supplies. Our second sampling trip went even better than the first, and data continues to roll in from the first two sample collection days. Our sampling dates are scheduled through December.